Capacitive Touch Technology

Capacitive Touch Technology and Capacitive Flexible Circuits are more commonly being utilised on user interface than conventional fixed mechanical switches, Industrial Labelling, Membrane Keypads and Graphic Overlays.

The application allows the production and printing of aesthetically pleasing fascia panels with touch-sensitive surfaces and unbroken surfaces. The fascia panels can be manufactured from just about any materials and terminate at a convenient FPC tail suitable for a ZIF connector or PCB mounted pins.

Capacitive Touch Technology For User Interfaces

The same capacitive touch FPC and be adhered to the underside of injection moulded fascia panels to offer a touch-sensitive surface to 3D surfaces. The fascia panels can be complemented with surface mounted LED’s to backlight the switch areas.


Capacitive Touch Circuits are becoming a common application in product design for user interfaces as they can offer a clean and unbroken product surface. The fascias compliment high-end product design as the interface has a big influence on the user’s first impression. The feel of the surface can be adapted with localised surface modification and haptic feedback devices, intelligent circuit design, precise colour matching and intuitive graphics are critical factors in creating an effective touch sensitive fascia.

At Customark we have invested a considerable amount of capital expenditure in state-of-the-art finishing equipment which can offer enhanced production efficiency and where possible zero tooling costs. Our experience and expertise in the technical graphic design, engineering and manufacturing allow us to ask the right questions upfront to encourage and aid our design for manufacture philosophy.

Our Capacitive Touch Keypads and Fascias are used throughout many different industries which include Electronics, White Goods, Medical, Security and Marine.

​The circuits can be applied to most surface materials, PMMA is commonly used as this gives a hard high-end gloss surface. Hidden till lit areas can be complimented with surface mounted LEDs to provide visual appeal in indications.

Features and Benefits :

Capacitive touch keypads, fascias, and FPCs are manufactured in an infinite number of shapes, sizes and materials but share these common features and benefits.

  • Durability
  • Non-mechanical
  • Integrated LED’s and fibre optic backlighting
  • Adaptable design, totally bespoke to customers requirements
  • Sub-surface graphics – Printing is done on the under-side of the membrane keypad so it doesn’t degrade its graphics identity and won’t wear out from use or cleaning
  • Short lead times – approximately 2-3 weeks after artwork approval
  • Adhesive selected to suit capacitive touch keypad/keyboard mounting application
  • Fast prototyping service

Customark can also offer a prototyping service if you are just starting out with our capacitive touch keypad technology. We can also provide the PCB circuit design service. This way you can get a feel for how your production is going to work before you commit to full production volumes. Always produced to our consistent high ISO9001:2015 approved quality. Why not contact one of our Sales Team today to discuss your requirements and see how Customark’s competitive process and years of technical experience can help you with your needs.

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