Graphic Overlays

We are ready and prepared to react quickly to support new and existing customers with the design, printing and production of their Graphic Overlay requirements. Our fast reactions are complimented with our fast turnaround sampling service.

We have over 30 years of Graphic Overlays experience backed up with the strategic industrial labelling links to 3M, Sabic and McDermid Autotype. We are a small business with an enviable reputation.

Advanced production techniques allow us to produce:

  • A wide variety of Polyester, Polycarbonate & PMMA finishes
  • Environmental considered overlays, we do this by selecting the right materials
  • Variable data applications
  • RFI EMC shielding
  • Overlays with anti-microbial finishes
  • UV stable designs
  • As well as IP65, IP67, IP68 rated
  • Rim, pillow or custom embossing
  • Phosphorescent (glow in the dark) graphics
  • Hidden till lit applications
  • Products which include braille


Graphic Overlays are a key part of any control system as they are both functional and informative. These printed graphic products are the first item that an operator’s eye is drawn to. Consequently, the graphic overlay has a big influence on the user’s first impression. Attention to detail, precise colour matching and intuitive graphics are critical factors in creating an effective graphical overlay.

Graphic Overlays are used throughout many different industries which include electronics, white goods, medical, security and marine to name but a few.

If you are looking for features that are specific to your product we can design and manufacture graphic overlays to suit your exacting needs. All manufactured, controlled and maintained by our ISO9001:2015 quality system.

Common Terms:

  • LED Labels
  • Keypad Overlays
  • Display Lenses
  • Graphic Displays
  • Window Overlays
  • Control Panel Overlays
  • Panel Graphics
  • Switch Overlays
  • Mylars
  • Fascia Control Panels
  • Self-Adhesive Graphic Overlays
  • Mark Resist Graphic Overlays

To discuss your Graphic Overlay requirements contact us today on 01384 264700 or fill in our contact form.