Industrial Labelling

Industrial labelling is a blanket term for many of the diverse services and products that we supply at Customark. We use a diverse variety of machinery to produce our industrial labels such as automatic print and apply labellers, outer case and tray labellers, ink and ribbon labelling methods, and inkjet marking to name a few. Our assortment of industrial printing means we can tailor your industrial labelling to your specific trade requirements.

At Customark, we supply our customers with industrial labelling that suits their needs.  For example, we make sure we provide the reeling specification that suits your in-house overprinting requirements such as edge trim, core size and roll diameter. We also provide labels using a wide range of materials such as vinyl, self-adhesive, PP synthetic, polyester and so much more. As a leading manufacturer of custom industrial labels with extensive experience, we guarantee durable but affordable labelling alternatives.

If you’re looking for your next industrial label supplier, think Customark. Our customers always return because of our quick and friendly customer service, our constantly evolving and innovative company ethos, our extensive supply, our industry links to companies such as 3M, Avery and Sabic but most importantly our competitive prices.

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We have a huge range of industrial labelling products at Customark. Our range is backed by 50 years of experience and boasts top quality. For more information on our products, view our specific product pages here: