Latest COVID-19 Update

A message from our Director, Greg Lerigo

Following the Government advice on the COVID-19 virus they are advising a 3 week shutdown.

As many of our customers are shutting down their facilities for 3 weeks, we will be scaling back our operations.

A complete closure for us would not be in the UK’s best interests. We are remaining open on a limited basis to support the UK’s critical industrial operations, who need our ongoing supply chain.  We supply a number of customers in the medical and life critical industries that need our ongoing support.

We support drug testing operations that have increased the demand for our products.

We have recently taken on label production to support the ventilator demand in our hospitals so we have re-directed our production operations to support this critical supply chain.

However, the safety of our staff is our number one priority. We have taken a number of measures to make sure that this is the case and will be our primary focus.

We can still be contacted should you need to please email us.

We hope you all keep safe during these challenging times.