Pad Printing and Tampo Print

From a simple single colour digit on a medical instrument through to a 4-colour image on a frisbee, industrial pad printing, or tampo printing, can do it all. Industrial pad printing is a printing process that transfers a 2D image onto a 3D object.

Industrial Pad Printing / Tampo Printing

The printing process uses a silicone pad to transfer the image onto almost any shaped surface. Also known as Direct Branding, this process is the best way to add tampo print to your product when a self adhesive label does not work or doesn’t look right for the image you are trying to achieve.

The silicone pad’s unique properties allow it to pick up the image from a flat surface and transfer printing it on to a variety of surfaces including, but not limited to, flat, spherical, cylindrical, textured, concave and convex objects.


At Customark, we are capable of pad printing on a range of components and substrates. Our pad printing can be used in a variety of sectors such as the medical sector, telecommunications, motor and promotional. Point of Sale and corporate companies also find use with our tampo printing services. Selecting the correct process allied with the right ink is important when employing this process.

​We have over 50 years’ experience to offer our customers which is crucial in understanding the technical aspects of pad printing and getting the best for our customers. All our processes are controlled and maintained by our ISO9001:2015 quality systems meaning we meet international standard with our printing. Our technical team are always on hand to advise the best route to a finished product.

​We pad or tampo print onto a range of coatings and, commonly, oven cure parts to ensure the finish is tough.

There are alternatives to pad printing but the benefits mean we recommend the service when moving 2D image to 3D objects. The advantages of pad printing are as follows:

  • Permanent marking suitable for indoor & outdoor applications

  • Can print on a wide variety of surfaces and finishes

  • Cost-effective production (no need to apply separate labels)

  • Fast pad printing prototyping

  • Low to high volume pad printing

  • Single to full-colour pad printing production

Regardless of the quantity, we can offer a pad printing service second to none. We can ensure your product will be 100% checked for print quality both during and after the pad printing process.

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