Resin Domed Labels

Resin Domed Labels is a brand or product labelling tool across many different industries and sectors; with a large range of benefits these labels are perfect for all sorts of environments. Visually there is a noticeable different between Domed Labels and vinyl stickers, while your standard vinyl label looks 2D when applied, Domed Labels have an impressive 3D ‘bubble’ appearance. This is because there is a resin applied on top of a standard label; a certain amount of liquid plastic is poured on top which flows to the edges of the labels, creating a plastic dome shape.


In terms of printing, this type of label is extremely versatile, from full colour photographs to a brushed metallic look, we can print almost any design and quantities you desire. At Customark we have experience printing a vast range of domed self adhesive labels for a number of different industries.

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