Shelf Wobblers

Shelf Wobblers are a fabulous way to help your products stand out from a busy shelf, with our vast range of eye-catching designs, your customer’s attention is drawn to your products at the point of purchase simply by this point of sale item. Our standard and most popular wobblers are produced using white rigid PVC with a clear PVC arm which comes with a strong self-adhesive pad allowing for a durable, high-quality wobbler; our other option is an eco-friendly card that doesn’t lack in quality or colour vibrancy. We also have a range of wobbler arms available to help with any application for any type of circumstances.

We don’t just produce Shelf Wobblers either, we also manufacture Shelf Talkers / Edgers, Barkers and Bus Stop Wobblers; all with standard designs as well as a full customisation option. If you’re trying to make an impact, our POS kits are a perfect start; with a mixture of Wobblers, Talkers, Bus Stop Wobblers, Shelf Edge Strips, Labels and Floor Stickers it’s all you need to have your products flying off the shelves! Get in touch today to find out more.

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Here is more information on our material and arm options to help you choose the perfect point of sale shelf wobblers for you.

Arms: Standard Arms:





200mm arm with two adhesive pads, a large one for the shelving and a smaller one for the actual printed face.

Multi-purpose Arm:






200mm arm with three adhesive pads, two large pads for the shelving which means you can place them in more varied positions and a smaller one for the actual printed face.

Data Strip Arm:






150mm with only one adhesive pad for the printed wobbler. This arm has no adhesive for the shelves as it slides into your shelf edge rail, this stops any unwanted left-over residue.

Aluminium Arm:






75mm arm made form aluminium with two adhesive pads. These arms can be angled and twisted to what you desire, the aluminium makes them sturdy enough to stay in said position until your promotion is over.

Bus Stop Arm:







Fits rails from 30-39mm depth. It has a flexible connector for that extra ‘wobble’. Design and shape are adapted, meaning that no message or image is covered by the gripper.

400-micron PVC with a smooth matt finish on both sides with opacity ideal for double sided wobblers, bus stop wobblers, etc. Excellent colour pay off while printing and great durability due to the properties of the material.

The card that we use is a 9mill gloss, photo card that delivers maximum image performance, black density and colour vibrancy. Known as the eco-friendlier version of our wobblers, it will certainly impress.