Thermal Ribbon

We hold a small amount of black thermal printer ribbons of various grades and sizes in stock to save you effort and time. Printer ribbons come in a range of sizes, grades and lengths which suit a variety of materials and various label printers. If you’re not sure on what you need, we can ask some basic questions and we will happily find out for you.

Here’s some grade information:

Wax is the most economical ribbon, mainly printing on matte paper and using low printer energy.
Wax Resin is known as premium, this gives a smudge and scratch free resistance to your labels. It works at medium print energy. This can be used on semi-high gloss paper and some plastics and vinyls. This is used when reliable high-quality prints are required.
Resin is designed for printing onto synthetic materials, it works at a high print energy and gives a high scratch heat and chemical resistance.

Coloured ribbons are available on request and our team are on hand to give you the most cost-effective prices.