The Vending Equipment market demands very high levels of robustness which sometimes pushes the boundaries of materials. Anti-microbial materials are quite common and need to be very durable and resistant to a wide range of chemicals as miss-use of chemicals for cleaning is very common. Recent technical innovations in materials and print technology have been very useful for this industry. We often work closely with formers and machinists to achieve very high quality aesthetic results.

We supply the following products into this industry:

  • Laser Cut and Formed Fascia Panels
  • Membrane Keypads
  • Graphic Overlays
  • Roll Labels
  • Printers and Consumables
  • Sheet Labels
  • Display Lenses
  • Panel Printing

Our customers in the Vending market place prefer Customark for the following reasons:

  • Cost effective production
  • Looking to reduce their overall labelling spend
  • Under significant pressure to reduce quality issues or improve print quality
  • Access to food standards materials
  • Huge scope of supply
  • Technical innovation
  • Excellent process controls
  • A can do attitude with the ability to deliver on time